New supercluster of galaxies named Saraswati by Indian astronomers

The supercluster is believed to be the equivalent of 20 million billion suns.

A large supercluster of galaxies located around 400 crore light years away from Earth has been named Saraswati. The supercluster, believed to be the equivalent of 20 million billion suns, is more than 10 billion years old. Its mass has extended over the scale of 600 million light years, astronomers have said.

There are an estimated 10 million superclusters in the observable universe.

Saraswati was discovered by astronomers part of the Inter University Centre for Astronomy, and Astrophysics and Indian Institute of Science Education and Research – both based out of Pune – along with members of two other Indian universities, Hindustan Times reported.

One cluster has galaxies roughly ranging from 1,000 to 10,000, while one supercluster consists of 40 to 43 clusters. Saraswati is on the direction of constellation Pisces.

“Superclusters are the largest coherent structures in the cosmic web,” the IUCAA said in a statement. “They are a chain of galaxies and galaxy clusters, bound by gravity, often stretching to several hundred times the size of clusters of galaxies, consisting of tens of thousands of galaxies.”

Discovering Saraswati

In 1989, the director of IUCAA and the co-author of the paper on Saraswati, Somak Raychaudhury, had discovered the first massive supercluster of galaxies, the Shapley Concentration, during his PhD research at the University of Cambridge.

“There are basically only four or five known superclusters of this size in the entire universe,” Shishir Sankhyayan, one of the members on the team told The Indian Express. “So, our discovery is a rare find.”

The discovery of superclusters is fairly recent. The Milky Way galaxy, of which Earth is a part of, belongs to the Laniakea Supercluster, and its discovery was announced by Brent Tully at the University of Hawaii only in 2014.

“This supercluster [Saraswati] is clearly embedded in a large network of cosmic filaments traced by clusters and large voids,” IUCAA’s Joydeep Bagchi said in a statement.

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Children's Day is not for children alone

It’s also a time for adults to revisit their childhood.

Most adults look at childhood wistfully, as a time when the biggest worry was a scraped knee, every adult was a source of chocolate and every fight lasted only till the next playtime. Since time immemorial, children seem to have nailed the art of being joyful, and adults can learn a thing or two about stress-free living from them. Now it’s that time of the year again when children are celebrated for...simply being children, and let it serve as a timely reminder for adults to board that imaginary time machine and revisit their childhood. If you’re unable to unbuckle yourself from your adult seat, here is some inspiration.

Start small, by doodling at the back page of your to-do diary as a throwback to that ancient school tradition. If you’re more confident, you could even start your own comic strip featuring people in your lives. You can caricaturise them or attribute them animal personalities for the sake of humour. Stuck in a boring meeting? Draw your boss with mouse ears or your coffee with radioactive powers. Just make sure you give your colleagues aliases.

Pull a prank, those not resulting in revenue losses of course. Prank calls, creeping up behind someone…pull them out from your memory and watch as everyone has a good laugh. Dress up a little quirky for work. It’s time you tried those colourful ties, or tastefully mismatched socks. Dress as your favourite cartoon characters someday – it’s as easy as choosing a ponytail-style, drawing a scar on your forehead or converting a bath towel into a cape. Even dinner can be full of childish fun. No, you don’t have to eat spinach if you don’t like it. Use the available cutlery and bust out your favourite tunes. Spoons and forks are good enough for any beat and for the rest, count on your voice to belt out any pitch. Better yet, stream the classic cartoons of your childhood instead of binge watching drama or news; they seem even funnier as an adult. If you prefer reading before bedtime, do a reread of your favourite childhood book(s). You’ll be surprised by their timeless wisdom.

A regular day has scope for childhood indulgences in every nook and cranny. While walking down a lane, challenge your friend to a non-stop game of hopscotch till the end of the tiled footpath. If you’re of a petite frame, insist on a ride in the trolley as you about picking items in the supermarket. Challenge your fellow gym goers and trainers to a hula hoop routine, and beat ‘em to it!

Children have an incredible ability to be completely immersed in the moment during play, and acting like one benefits adults too. Just count the moments of precious laughter you will have added to your day in the process. So, take time to indulge yourself and celebrate life with child-like abandon, as the video below shows.


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