Fugitive businessman Vijay Mallya said he has nothing to miss about India, Reuters reported on Friday. The 61-year-old embattled industrialist said he was currently enjoying his ten years of owning India’s first Formula One entry, Force India.

“All my immediate family is either in England or the United States,” Mallya told Reuters in the UK. “Nobody in India at all. As far as my step-siblings are concerned, they are all United Kingdom citizens. So there is nothing family-wise to miss.” He also referred to the court proceedings against him as a “witchunt” which has been going on for a while, and again claimed he had done “nothing wrong”.

Mallya had left the country in March 2016, soon after being accused of defaulting on loans worth around Rs 9,000 crore. He said he will not return to India. India has started the process to extradite him from the United Kingdom.

The UK will hear his extradition case on December 4.