A new survey of 38 countries has shown that China is fast catching up with the United States as a global economic power in public perception, though the United States remains at the top spot. The survey by Pew Research Center also said that public opinion in seven out of ten European Union countries shows China as the world’s top economic power, pipping the US.

However, Indians continue to believe that the US is the No 1 economic power. An estimated 41% of Indians have an unfavourable view of Chinese economic prowess, compared to just 26% who think similarly about the US.

Japan and Latin America also believe that the US is the top economic power, but Russians voted for China, and Australia, which is a long-time ally of the US, also chose China by a two-to-one margin.

In the US, respondents chose their own country over China by 51% to 35%. Globally, 42% of respondents said the US was the most powerful economy, while 32% voted for China.