The Uttar Pradesh Police on Friday filed an FIR against unknown persons in connection with an explosive substance being found at the Assembly.

Inspector General (Anti-Terrorism Squad) Aseem Arun said that the 150 g of plastic explosive Pentaerythritol Tetranitrate inside the Assembly premises “hints at a possibility of a terrorist activity”.

“We will scan through CCTV footage,” he said at a press briefing. “The ATS will carry out a detailed investigation at the spot today [Friday].”

Earlier on Friday, a packet containing the white powder was found under the seat of Samajwadi Party MLA Manoj Pandey inside the Uttar Pradesh Assembly premises. Chief Minister Adityanath has called for a National Investigation Agency inquiry into the possible threat.

PETN is a high explosive substance that can pass through metal detectors because of its plastic nature.