Children’s book character “Winnie the Pooh” is the latest victim of Chinese internet censorship. Beijing has banned the honey-loving bear from social media after he was used in memes comparing him to President Xi Jinping, reported CNN.

This week, searches for Pooh’s Chinese name “Little Bear Winnie” turned up error messages, which said that the content was illegal in the country, reported The Indian Express.

Winnie the Pooh stickers have also been removed from WeChat’s official gallery.

Another the numerous memes on the internet, one showed Xi walking with former United States President Barack Obama in a frame and Winnie the Pooh walking with his friend Tigger in another. Another meme showed the president shaking Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s hand beside a still of the bear doing the same with the donkey Eeyore, another Disney character from the series.