Six people were killed on Friday as protests continue against the metal detectors Israel installed at Temple Mount in Jerusalem, Reuters reported. In what is being called the bloodiest spate of violence in years, three Palestinians were killed during agitations against the new security measures at the religious site, known to Muslims as the “Noble Sanctuary”.

While two of the Palestinians died in separate incidents in East Jerusalem, a third was killed in Ramallah. The Palestinians died in incidents following Friday prayers. Thousands of them had prayed in the streets of the Old City, reported The Guardian.

Just hours later, three Israelis were stabbed to death in the Jewish settlement of Neve Tsuf in the Israel-occupied West Bank. They were all members of the same family – two men aged 60 and 40 and a woman of 40. Another 68-year-old woman was hospitalised with stab wounds to her back.

The metal detectors were installed after three gunmen had opened fire near Temple Mount on Friday. The three militants, as well as two police officers, were killed in the shooting. Following the attack, Israel had closed Temple Mount to visitors, a decision that was criticised by Turkey but praised by the United States.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has ordered all official contact with Israel suspended until it removes the metal detectors from Temple Mount.