Low-cost carrier AirAsia is likely to break even or even report profits in India by 2019, the airline’s chief executive officer in the country, Amar Abrol, told the Financial Express on Tuesday. Despite seeing a great impact on its bottom-line during the January-March quarter because of the rise in staff and fuel cost, the airline – a joint venture between Tata Sons and Air Asia – plans to expand its domestic base.

It is also finalizing its plans to launch internationally by the end of 2019, Abrol told the English daily. “The average utilisation of our aircrafts are more than 13 hours, which is quite good and the load factor is also close to 90%,” Abrol was quoted as saying.

Abrol added that the airline plans to consolidate its operations in Association of Southeast Asian Nations, where its parent company Air Asia Berhad already has a presence. “We will look east since our parent company is also there, hence it will be a natural fit for us. Air Asia is a big brand out there,” he said, adding that the plans will be finalized and presented to the board in three to six months.