People across India can witness a partial lunar eclipse on Monday. “Starting 10.52 pm, the full moon will enter the Earth’s shadow in space and create a spectacular celestial phenomenon, which is commonly known as partial lunar eclipse,” Debiprosad Duari, director of Research and Academics at Kolkata’s MP Birla Planetarium, told PTI.

The phenomenon, which will be the year’s first properly visible lunar eclipse, will continue till 12.48 am.

“The partial lunar eclipse this time will be visible from the whole of Asia and Australia and most parts of Europe and Africa,” Duari said, adding that countries in North and South America will not be able to see it because it will be daytime there at the time.

Duari explained that the greatest eclipse, which is when the moon is shadowed by the earth to the maximum extent, will occur around 11.50 pm. “In India, the entire total eclipse will be visible from every place.”