A rogue elephant, believed to be lost, has killed at least 15 people in some villages of Bihar and Jharkhand since April 2017, AFP reported on Wednesday. The tusker faces the threat of being shot if it is not brought under control in the next few days, forest officials said.

The elephant is believed to have wandered from its herd and got lost. The animal had allegedly killed four people in Bihar in March before crossing into the neighbouring state of Jharkhand where it killed 11 more people.

On Tuesday evening, after one more victim was trampled to death in Jharkhand, the wildlife rangers had assembled to discuss the solution, LR Singh, the state’s chief forest and wildlife conservator, told AFP.

“We have a team of experts and hunters here with us,” Singh said. “We are brainstorming for a solution...one of them is to shoot the animal. But that is the last resort and we will take a call in a day or two.”

A hunter was called in from Hyderabad and a five-member team of trainers were asked to arrive from Uttar Pradesh to tame the elephant, Hindustan Times reported on Tuesday. Those who were killed in Jharkhand belonged to the endangered tribal community known as Pahariya.