The Monsoon session of Parliament, which concluded on Friday, saw the Rajya Sabha recording 79.95% productivity and the Lok Sabha working for 77.94% of the scheduled hours, PTI reported.

Seventeen bills were introduced in the Lower House and a total of 14 bills were passed, said Parliamentary Affairs Minister Ananth Kumar, adding that nine bills were passed in the Upper House.

He further said the short Parliament session was successful as ample time was spent in discussing important issues. Besides, elections to the offices of president and vice president were conducted during this time.

Kumar said the Jammu and Kashmir Assembly passing the Goods and Services Tax was a historic achievement. The Union minister said a special session to mark the 75th anniversary of the Quit India Movement was also held during this session.

Six Congress members were suspended from the Lok Sabha for hurling papers at the Speaker in this session. The Rajya Sabha, on the other hand, spent nearly 42% of its time on discussing non-legislative businesses, including incidents of mob violence in the country, agricultural crisis and foreign policy, reported The Times of India.