Kannada actor Upendra on Friday announced that he would launch his own political party, which would be free of corruption. In a 13-minute audio clip distributed to the media, Upendra explained the reasons why he had decided to form a new political party.

“Our legislators may not need basic educational qualifications to contest elections,” Upendra said. “But as representatives of the people at least, they should have the basic knowledge about the problems in their constituencies and an idea as to how to find solutions,” The Indian Express reported on Saturday.

He recommended that the candidates’ knowledge about their constituency should be tested with a written examination before they are given tickets.

The actor called for politicians to be accountable to the people. “We do not need leaders who make excuses but the ones who can find permanent solutions to our problems,” he said. “We have to be honest right from the beginning of our efforts to make our dreams in politics come true. We should do away with the concept of ‘party fund’. We don’t need Rajakiya [politics], but Prajakiya [people-centric democracy].”

Upendra said he would start a political party without a party fund. “I willl not be doing grand promotional campaigns like other parties,” he said. “No big public meetings will be held. You will not see big banners or posters of my party. I will run my campaigns with the help of social media, TV channels and news publications”.