Senior pilots will now have to serve a one-year notice period before taking up fresh employment, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation said on Wednesday, reported PTI. “It has been decided that pilots working in an air transport undertaking shall give a notice period of at least one year in respect of commanders, and six months in respect of co-pilots to the employer indicating their intention to leave the job,” the DCGA’s amended rules say.

Earlier, the notice period for senior pilots was six months.

However, the one-year notice period may be reduced if the airline provides a No Objection Certificate to the pilot and accepts his resignation earlier than the notice period, said the DGCA. “During the notice period, neither shall the pilot refuse to undertake the flight duties assigned to him, nor shall the employer deprive the pilot of his legitimate rights and privileges with respect to the assignment of his duties,” the DGCA said in the amended Civil Aviation Requirement document.