Heavy rain in Bengaluru has resulted in the city’s Varthur Lake foaming once again, reported NDTV. The foam caused by toxic chemicals and untreated sewage reportedly rose to over 10 feet on Wednesday. The wire mesh built around the boundary of the lake failed to control the froth from entering the Whitefield road near Varthur Kodi junction.

The problem aggravated on Wednesday after heavy downpour lashed several areas of the city for the past two days. Bengaluru on Tuesday had received its heaviest rainfall in an August day in 127 years. In just three hours – from 3 am to 6 am – the city had received 180 mm rainfall. In August 1890, the city had received 166 mm of rain on a single day.

The city’s two largest lakes – Bellandur and Varthur – are regularly affected by froth. Environmentalists blame the practice of dumping untreated sewage and pollutants in the lakes. Residents living in the area have repeatedly asked the government to take appropriate action to stop lake foaming. Many have also criticised the civic bodies for their failure to address the problem.

In May, the National Green Tribunal had allotted the state a month to clean the Varthur Lake. The state had, however, said the time given to them was inadequate.