The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India on Wednesday proposed that a panel of industry experts be set up to help the government overcome the challenges it faces in the cloud services sector. This would in effect ease some of the workload for Trai, given the sector’s width. The regulatory body has also prescribed a framework for the government to register such a panel.

This self-regulatory body will prescribe a code of conduct for all cloud services providers and ensure that these are followed, a notice by Trai said. The regulator, however, also recommended that the Department of Telecommunication keep a close watch on the functioning of the proposed industry body.

Among other suggestions for the sector are that that government amend the legal assistance treaties signed with foreign countries so data available on cloud computers can be intercepted lawfully.

The regulatory body’s suggestions were a response to a letter by the Department of Telecommunication, sent on on December 31, 2012, seeking its views on a framework for cloud computing, covering various aspects such as security and quality of service.