China’s official news agency, Xinhua, released a racist video accusing India of committing “seven sins” during the two-month-long Doklam standoff near Sikkim on Wednesday. A man in a fake beard and a turban poses as an Indian as the host Dier Wang chides India for its many sins in the three-minute video.

The video accused India of trespassing into Chinese territory, violating conventions, not knowing what is right and what is wrong and hijacking Bhutan, all to a recorded soundtrack of laughter.

The Sikkim standoff

India and China are currently locked in a diplomatic standoff. Both nations have maintained that troops from the other country had transgressed into their territory in the Sikkim sector’s Doklam area.

Bilateral ties have been strained since the Indian Army stopped China from constructing a road in the region. New Delhi has made it clear that it will not allow China to construct a motorable road up to the Sikkim-Bhutan-Tibet tri-junction through the Doklam plateau.