Venezuela’s new constituent assembly on Friday gave itself the power to pass legislation in a move that overrules the opposition-led Congress and puts President Nicolas Maduro and his party in full control of the country. Parliament, however, has rejected the move, BBC reported.

President Maduro has said that the new assembly and a new Constitution will end political unrest in the country, but his critics and many others say this just brings the country closer to a dictatorship.

The assembly’s assumption of this power changes little in the country, Reuters reported. Since 2016, the Supreme Court has shot down nearly every law that the Congress has approved.

The country has seen months of political unrest. Since March, hundreds have died in anti-government protests. In July, Maduro had claimed victory following a highly controversial election, in which nearly 80% of the country did not vote. On August 9, the new assembly gave itself the authority that makes it superior to all other governmental institutions, including the Congress.