Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh on Friday said that his government will create a “new India” by 2022. It will do so by solving problems like the Kashmir conflict, terrorism and insurgency in the northeast, he said, PTI reported.

He was talking at an event in Lucknow, and administered an oath to the gathering to rid the country of dirt, poverty, corruption, terror, communalism and casteism. He said that if people could take the Quit India pledge in 1942 and get freedom by 1947, “then why can’t we make a new India after taking a pledge in 2017, and realising it in 2022?”

“This will be an India where there will be no poverty or illiteracy, every person will have a house, no one will die of shortage of medicine,” he was quoted as saying. Singh’s ambitious promise also included ensuring that India emerges as a powerful nation on the global stage.

This is not the first time he has made such statements. In December 2016, he had said that the entire 223.7-km Indo-Bangladesh border stretch would be fenced by 2018 to check infiltrations.