Google is currently developing a tool that will let users permanently mute websites, which automatically play videos, within Chrome. Google developer François Beaufort announced the new feature earlier last week, saying it is already available in Chrome Canary, an experimental version of the browser.

“This will give you more control of which website is allowed to throw sound at you automatically,” Beaufort said, adding that users can mute a website on the “page info bubble”, which is the “view site information” icon on the address bar.

The icon currently has a number of options, including camera, Flash, microphone and popups. A new option for sound will be added, which can be used to mute or unmute a website.

Once a website is muted, it will remain that way till it is unmuted, said Android Police. The feature is off by default, so it will have to be run with the “–enable-features=SoundContentSetting” switch.