A 19-year-old boy committed suicide at his home in Madurai city of Tamil Nadu on Wednesday, allegedly after playing the Blue Whale challenge game, reported NDTV. “Blue Whale - This is not a game but danger. Once you enter, you can never exit,” Vignesh wrote in his suicide note. Police officials said an image of a whale was carved on Vignesh’s left arm with “Blue Whale” written below it.

The teenager’s body was discovered at 4.15 pm on Wednesday, The News Minute reported. “We suspect the boy could have been playing the game. Further investigation is underway in the case,” Madurai Superintendent of Police Manivannan said.

In another incident, a Class 10 student from Guwahati in Assam, with an image of a blue whale carved into his arm, was admitted to hospital on Tuesday, after he was behaving abnormally. Ramen Talukdar, the superintendent of the Guwahati Medical College and Hospital, told ANI that the student was under close observation by a team of doctors and psychiatrists.