A new hurricane is heading towards the United States. Hurricane Irma, which is developing over the Eastern Atlantic, strengthened on Thursday into a Category 3 storm and is approaching the Caribbean, Reuters reported. It comes on the heels of Hurricane Harvey, which made landfall in Texas last Saturday and has killed at least 35 people, so far.

Hurricane Irma is about 1,160 km west of the Cabo Verde islands. It is heading for the US territory of Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and Haiti. The storm is expected to make landfall sometime mid next week.

“Irma is forecast to remain over the tropical Atlantic Ocean as a major hurricane through early Wednesday,” America’s National Hurricane Centre said. “It is currently holding steady with 115 mph winds.”

Hurricane Irma had been forecast as a tropical storm on Wednesday, and by Thursday, it had strengthened into Category 3 storm, CNN reported. It is forecast to become a Category 4 one.