A SpiceJet plane with 183 people on board skidded off the rain-soaked runway on Tuesday night while landing at Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport. All passengers were evacuated safely from the Boeing 737 aircraft, the airline said.

The Varanasi-Mumbai flight overshot the runway and got stuck in mud around 10.30 pm. Passengers were evacuated using the emergency chute and taken to the arrival hall.

Flight operations at the main runway were suspended after the incident. A spokesperson for the airport said the secondary runway was being used for the time being.

The spokesperson added: “We are experiencing heavy rainfall and bad tail winds at CSIA. There are delays in arrival and departure of flights because of the fluctuating weather.”

Heavy rain in Mumbai and the non-operational main runway forced authorities to divert at least 56 flights on Wednesday. Runways 14 and 32 were operational.