Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Wednesday urged countries to unite and apply pressure on North Korea to stop it from carrying out nuclear and missile programs, Reuters reported. Abe said action against North Korea was a “matter of urgency”.

“Now is not the time for dialogue,” Abe said while addressing a gathering at the New York Stock Exchange. “Now is the time to apply pressure.”

Later on Wednesday, during his speech at the annual United Nations General Assembly, Abe said North Korea’s nuclear weapons posed an “unprecedented threat”.

“We can’t be satisfied that the UN has approved new sanctions against North Korea,” Abe was quoted as saying by Reuters. “What is crucial now is to put sanctions into effect without lapses and that requires close cooperation with China and Russia.”

Abe said the countries should try and prevent North Korea from receiving the goods, funds and technology required for nuclear and missile development. “Whether or not we can put an end to the provocations by North Korea is dependent upon the solidarity of the international community,” he told the international body. “There is not much time left.”

On September 19, at his debut speech at the UN, United States President Donald Trump had attacked Pyongyang, saying the UN member states must work together to confront “rogue regimes”. “Rocket Man is on a suicide mission for him and his regime,” Trump said, referring to North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un.

On September 15, North Korea had fired a missile that flew over Japan before landing in the Pacific Ocean.