British Prime Minister Theresa May on Friday proposed a two-year period of implementation after the United Kingdom leaves the European Union, The Guardian reported. May, who is in Florence, said this period would help individuals and businesses adjust to the economic and political changes resulting from Brexit.

The prime minister asked the European body to guarantee such an implementation period. The United Kingdom will formally leave the European Union on March 29, 2019.

May said that during this two-year period, Britain should continue to have access to European Union markets. She said Britain and the European Union have a “shared commitment” to free trade, and added that Britain would continue to pay into the European Union’s budget until 2020 so that it could honour its obligations.

The prime minister also said that citizens of the European Union would be able to come to the United Kingdom for work during this period, provided they register. May added that she wanted European Union nationals in the United Kingdom to stay in Britain, and said that she would guarantee their rights.

May added that Britain wanted to sign a new treaty on security and justice with the European Union following Brexit. “The United Kingdom is unconditionally committed to maintaining Europe’s security,” the prime minister said in Florence. She said the new security treaty her government was offering the European Union was “unprecedented in its depth”.