Microsoft Chief Executive Officer Satya Nadella on Monday pitched for better protection of consumer data. “The ultimate solution to the privacy-versus-security dilemma is to ensure trust on all sides,” he said according to the Hindustan Times.

“Customers must trust that we will protect their privacy, but we must be transparent about the legal conditions in which we won’t,” said Nadella while delivering a keynote address at Microsoft’s Ignite conference. He added that while Microsoft had a responsibility to build technology that would ensure customer privacy, the government’s policies in this regard also mattered.

Nadella also announced that Microsoft was coming up with a quantum computing system, which will help scientists perform calculations in a fraction of the time presently required, PTI reported. This kind of computing system uses the most advanced technology available today, he said.

“A quantum computer enables you to encode information, not just as one or zero but as one and zero simultaneously,” Nadella said during a keynote address at Microsoft’s Ignite conference on Monday. “You could take a quantum computer and solve some unsolvable problems because they approach it with that amazing parallelism.”