Federal contractors in the United States started building prototypes of a wall proposed by President Donald Trump along the country’s border with Mexico. The work on eight models is three months behind schedule in San Diego, AP reported. The country’s Customs and Border Protection may select several contractors or none.

“It may not result in a singular winner,” Roy Villarreal, acting chief of the Border Patrol’s San Diego sector said. “It may be a combination of designs being implemented.” A contractor is scheduled to inspect each model, which will be up to 30-foot high and 30-foot long.

On September 1, Caddell Construction in Alabama, Fisher Industries in Arizona, Texas Sterling Construction and WG Yates and Sons Construction in Mississippi were given contracts to build the prototypes. Each contract is worth $500,000 (approximately Rs 3.2 crore).

The plan to build the wall has been criticised and protested against. The San Diego Police and the county sheriff’s department have helped set up a “free speech zone” nearby for people to demonstrate. Villarreal said he had no information about any protests planned.