Internet giant Google on Friday removed an application, which provided details of the disputed Catalonia independence referendum, from its PlayStore after an order from the High Court, Reuters reported. The “On Votar 1-Oct” application helped people find their polling stations, and provided information on where and how to vote. The voting is scheduled to be held on Sunday.

The Catalonia High Court said separatists were using the application to spread information about the referendum, which was declared illegal by the Constitutional Court in Spain. The judge also asked Google to block any future application developed by, which was used to submit the application on Google PlayStore.

In a statement to The Spain Report, Google said: “We remove content from our platforms when we receive a court order or when it violates our terms and conditions.”

Earlier in September, nearly 140 websites related to the Catalan referendum were taken down after the court ruled to block links that provided information on the independence voting, according to The Spanish Report.

Catalan independence supporters hold rally

Catalan separatists held a rally in Barcelona on Saturday, which was the last day of campaigning before the October 1 referendum, AFP reported. On Friday, supporters of Catalan independence occupied polling stations, Reuters reported.

Authorities in Catalonia have insisted that the referendum will be held on Sunday for the 7.5 million population in the region, despite the court order. Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has deployed thousands of police to Catalonia to stop the voting.

“Everything is prepared at the more than 2,000 voting points. They have ballot boxes and voting slips, and have everything people need to express their opinion,” Catalan President Carles Puigdemont said on Friday.

The Spanish government blocked Barcelona’s planned referendum on September 20, taking control of the region’s finances, to stop funds being used for an independence referendum. The Spanish police seized millions of ballot papers that were to be used for the vote. Police officers also raided Catalan government offices, and arrested 12 senior officials.