A Nigerian national was beaten up by a group of people in a residential locality in Malviya Nagar in South Delhi, ANI reported. The incident, which is believed to have taken place on September 24, came to light on Monday after a video clip of the assault went viral. The man was accused of theft, and was later arrested by the police.

The man was allegedly caught inside a house in the locality, NDTV reported. The neighbours tied him to a lamp post and beat him up brutally before handing him over to the police. In the video, one man is seen holding the Nigerian’s feet up while another beats him with a stick. He is heard pleading for forgiveness in the clip.

The man was taken to the police with injuries to his head, face and limbs, NDTV reported. He was treated in a hospital before being produced in a court. He was later sent to jail.

The Delhi Police on Monday said the there was no racial bias behind the attack. “When we arrested him, he did not tell us he was beaten up,” DCP (South) Ishwar Singh told reporters. “Even if the Nigerian national was stealing, beating him is not justified. We have identified and arrested one man from the video. We are looking for others.”

In March, four Nigerian students were attacked by a group of residents in a locality in Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh. The attack followed a protest that was organised after a Class 12 student in the area had died of a suspected drug overdose and five Nigerian students were booked for murder. The students were later released because of lack of evidence.