Four men allegedly raped a girl in Koraput district of Odisha on Tuesday, reported PTI quoting police officials. The girl was walking to her school when she was waylaid by the four accused. They dragged her to a nearby field and raped her, the police said.

“As per the statement of the girl, the accused persons were in [police] uniform,” Koraput Superintendent of Police Kanwar Vishal Singh said. “Giving top priority to her statement, we have initiated an inquiry and anyone involved in the offence will not be spared.”

The police said that after the men raped her in the field, the girl reached the nearest road and was spotted by villagers, who rushed her to Kunduli hospital. She was later transferred to the SLN medical college and hospital.

Following the incident, local villagers blocked National Highway-26 near Kunduli till late evening to demand the arrest of the accused.