An animal rights activist has filed a police complaint alleging that she was assaulted by a mob involved in illegal cow slaughter in Bengaluru, ANI reported on Sunday. Seven people have been detained so far.

The woman, identified as Nandini, said she was attacked after she complained about the illegal activity taking place in Talaghattapura area, located on the outskirts of the city.

She said she had noticed illegal beef shops when she had visited the area. “Fourteen cows were tied there, of which two calves were being taken to a small room in a nearby area for slaughter,” Nandini claimed, adding that she had filed a complaint at the nearest police station. “We were assured that action was being taken, and police officers were deployed in the area.”

The activist had then returned to the spot with the co-complainant and two police constables in her car. “Upon reaching the spot, I saw a mob gathered there and assumed that there would be police, too, as promised,” she said, adding that there was nobody and she “felt trapped”. “The mob started hurling concrete blocks, boulders and glass bottles from all directions, screaming pro-Pakistan slogans.”

Describing it as the worst experience of her life, the woman said that she did not expect to come out alive. “Around 150 to 200 people gathered within minutes, trying everything to harm us,” Nandini added.

She claimed there were no police officers to save them and that she suspected the police were involved, too. “I’m quite sure even the police are involved, as if the officers had any intention of being honest, a lady would not be allowed to take such a risk,” the activist said, adding that her car was completely damaged in the assault.

However, other reports said the incident occurred after the woman’s car was involved in an accident in the area, and the police rejected her claims.

Later in the day, Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah said no one could take law into their hands. “We will take action according to the law,” he added.