Film producer Harvey Weinstein, who is accused of sexual harassment and rape, has resigned from the board of The Weinstein Company that he co-founded with his brother, Reuters reported.

Weinstein faces allegations of harassing and raping female associates and actors over three decades in the film business.

In a statement on Tuesday, the company’s board said it also ratified its October 8 decision to fire Weinstein as chief executive of the award-winning movie and television company. The producer, however, has maintained that he has not had non-consensual sex with anyone.

Most members of The Weinstein Company board have resigned since the allegations against Weinstein first became public, The New York Times reported. The board now has only Tarak Ben Ammar, Lance Maerov and Bob Weinstein and is trying to chart a future without Harvey Weinstein. On Monday, it said it was planning to sell the bulk of its assets to a private equity firm.

Meanwhile, Variety magazine on Tuesday said a female producer who worked on the Weinstein Company’s drama The Mist has accused Harvey’s younger brother Bob Weinstein of sexual harassment. Bert Fields, an attorney for Bob Weinstein, said in a statement soon after that the story was “false and misleading”.