The Centre on Wednesday agreed to set up an independent expert group to review the ffunctioning and accounts of the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation. Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal had asked for an audit of the city’s metro authority, PTI reported.

“Since you are keen on a study of the various aspects of the functioning of the DMRC by an expert group, acceptable to both governments, this ministry is open to your suggestion, and we can take it forward together in the best interests of the DMRC,” said Urban Development Minister Hardeep Singh Puri in a letter to Kejriwal.

The Centre and the Kejriwal government have been at loggerheads recently over an increase in Delhi Metro fares. The chief minister is opposed to the higher prices for tickets. Last week, the Delhi Legislative Assembly passed a resolution to form a nine-member panel to study the financial health of the city’s metro authority and the “rationale” behind increasing the fares.

Puri has invited the Delhi chief minister for talks to discuss the matter further. Kejriwal had written to the minister and called for the metro authority’s rationalisation and restructuring. He had sought a review of the corporation and its management, PTI reported.