China on Thursday called on the United States to “abandon its biased views” against Beijing, AFP reported. China’s statement comes after US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said Beijing was rising less responsibly when compared with New Delhi.

Beijing dubbed Washington’s stance on China’s development as biased. “We hope the US side can look at China’s development and role in the international community in an objective way, and abandon its biased views of China,” Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Lu Kang said. “Based on the purposes and principles of the United Nations charter, we will firmly uphold multilateralism, yet we will also firmly safeguard our own rights and interests.”

US President Donald Trump is scheduled to visit India and Bejing in November. Tillerson had said Washington would prioritise working with India to ensure a stable and peaceful Asia-Pacific region. The Secretary of State also criticised Beijing for it “provocative actions” in the South China Sea.

Tillerson’s statements came after a long military standoff between China and India in the Doklam plateau. While the US secretary of state did not make a clear reference to the standoff, he said Washington would not “shrink from China’s challenges to the rules-based order”, AFP reported.