A woman accused her husband of pushing their four daughters off a train in Sitapur, Uttar Pradesh last week, as the family did not have money to get them married, The Indian Express reported on Wednesday. One of the daughters was killed, while the other three were injured and taken to hospital, the newspaper had reported on Friday.

Another woman found dead on the tracks about 50 km from the four girls was earlier identified as their mother, Afreen. After Afreen showed up at a police station in her village in Bihar’s West Champaran district on Monday, the police said they would now also find out the dead woman’s real identity.

One of the injured daughters had first claimed that her father pushed her off, but she later changed her statement and accused her mother’s cousin Iqbal and his friend Izhaar. The Government Railway Police had filed cases against the two men initially, but will now look for the girls’ father, Iddu Ansari, instead.

Afreen said that on October 23, the couple and their five daughters had left Bihar for Jammu, where Ansari works. On the way, he consumed liquor and had quarreled with her, after which he allegedly pushed off four girls. When the couple and their fifth daughter reached Jammu, he forcibly got Afreen and two-year-old Haseena to board a train back to their village. She reached her village on Monday, and went to the police.

The local police has now sent her to Lucknow to assist the Uttar Pradesh Police in the investigation.