A journalist in Uttar Pradesh’s Meerut district was booked for defamation on Thursday for sharing a video of Prime Minister Narendra Modi on a WhatsApp group, which has both police officers and journalists as members. The police claimed that the video was derogatory in nature.

The journalist, Afgan Soni, who works with a local daily in Meerut, said he had received the message on Thursday morning and shared it with many groups, including the WhatsApp group meant for media briefings by the Meerut Police.

“When I noticed that some members of the group took offence, I apologised,” Soni said. “But they showed no mercy and took up the matter with the police. Later, I got to know that a case was registered against me.”

The video showed Modi asking a question on “Achche Din”, which was answered by a herd of sheep, according to The Times of India. The police and Soni refused to share the clip.

“Many members of the group have shared objectionable videos before, but such action is unprecedented,” the journalist said. “The police are clearly acting under political pressure.”

Senior Superintendent of Police (Meerut) Manzil Saini said the content was derogatory in nature. A case of defamation was registered under the Indian Penal Code and for computer-related offences under the Information Technology Act, Saini said.