The United States Supreme Court on Monday said it will not hear Samsung’s appeal against a lower court ruling that has asked it to pay rival Apple $120 million (around Rs 780 crore) for patent infringements, including the slide-to-unlock, autocorrect and quick links features, Reuters reported.

Refusing to step back into the years-long feud between the world’s top smartphone makers, the bench left in place a 2016 ruling of the US Court of Appeals. The 2016 order upheld a lower court verdict that found that South Korea’s Samsung Electronics Co Ltd had infringed Apple Inc’s patents on several popular features.

Samsung’s appeal in the Supreme Court said the patent court’s judges did not follow procedure in reviving the verdict, and that they made the decision without considering additional legal papers or hearing oral arguments. Apple argued there was nothing “novel or important” to review in its rival’s appeal.

In December 2016, in another case involving the two phone-makers, the Supreme Court had ruled in favour of Samsung and overturned a $399-million (around Rs 2,594 crore) patent infringement penalty imposed on it for allegedly copying Apple’s iPhone design.