United States President Donald Trump on Tuesday urged North Korea to come to the negotiating table and “make a deal”, signalling a stark change in his stance. “It makes sense for North Korea to come to the table and make a deal that is good for the people of North Korea and for the world,’’ said Trump, who is currently touring five Asian countries.

The US president and his South Korean counterpart Moon Jae-in told reporters during a press conference that “ultimately, it’ll all work out”. “I do see certain movement,” said Trump.

He, however, added that the US would not hesitate to use military force if needed, reported the BBC. Trump said three aircraft carrier groups and a nuclear submarine had been deployed to the region, but added, “we hope to God we never have to use’’ them.

Trump, however, added that North Korea was “threatening millions and millions of lives, so needlessly’’, reported AP. Earlier, White House National Security Adviser HR McMaster had said that the president would leaders in the five Asian nations that the international community was running out of time on North Korea’s nuclear crisis.

Moon said the two leaders had “agreed to resolve the North Korea nuclear issue in peaceful manner’’. “I know that you have put this issue at the top of your security agenda. So I hope that your visit to Korea and to the Asia Pacific region will serve as an opportunity to relieve some of the anxiety that the Korean people have due to North Korea’s provocations and also serve as a turning point in resolving the North Korean nuclear issue,’’ said the South Korean president.

North Korea has accelerated its weapons tests this year. In July, it twice launched a long-range missile that could potentially reach the US mainland. In September, it conducted its sixth and most powerful atomic explosion yet.

After Japan and South Korea, Trump will now head to China followed by Vietnam and the Philippines. His 10-day visit is the longest Asia tour by an American president in more than 25 years.