Technology giant Google rolled out updates to Google Assistant on Thursday that will allow developers to create applications that better integrate with the virtual assistant’s devices.

The biggest change is the support for new languages, which will allow developers to write applications in Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and Indian English. This, the company said, would enable developers in the country to create localised apps for Google Assistant, and provide users with a customised experience.

“Whether you are searching for a great restaurant for biryani, mapping your travels or helping the kids with their homework, your Google Assistant is always ready to help,” Brad Abrams, the group product manager for Google Assistant said. “But to be truly successful, your Google Assistant should be able to connect you across the apps and services in your life.”

The company also launched a new update that will allow users enjoy the experience of both Assistant and the company’s voice-activated speaker Google Home, Abrams said. Home, he added, would be able to to hand off requests to smartphones for completion of actions.