The cost of eggs in most parts of the country have surged over the last few weeks –
the price now is almost Rs 7 an egg, up by Rs 2.

Poultry farmers in the Pune region are selling eggs at Rs 585 for every 100 pieces, which means retail customers buy it for Rs 6.5 to Rs 7.5 a piece, according to The Indian Express. Other reports indicate that the situation is similar in Hyderabad, Delhi-National Capital Region, Kolkata, Punjab and Jharkhand.

In contrast, the prices of broiler chicken have gone down from Rs 90 to under Rs 60 per kg.

Manufacturers of egg products said higher prices at this time of the year is common, but added that it was abnormally high this time. “Egg prices usually rise at this time due to winter demand, while broiler rates fall because supply goes up with the birds taking less time to reach slaughter weight,”an egg products manufacturer from Tamil Nadu’s Erode district was quoted as saying. “But we have never seen this kind of price spiral in eggs before.”

Raju Bhosale, executive member of the National Egg Coordination Committee said that the prices have risen because of an estimated 15%-increase in demand. “When vegetables turn costly, people switch to eggs, pushing up its rates as well. This is simple substitution effect,” Bhosale told the daily.

The prices are likely to be high till February or March, according to Business Standard.

Agribusiness firm Godrej Agrovet’s Managing Director Balram Yadav said eggs were also in short supply due to lower production. “The supply deficit is likely to continue for a few more months and the price would remain firm till February or March,” he said. The prices may even move up further by Rs 1 a piece, he added.