Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday called for striking a “fine balance” between privacy on the internet and the needs of national security, The Hindu reported. The prime minister spoke after inaugurating the fifth edition of the Global Conference on Cyber Space in New Delhi.

“Together, we can overcome the differences between global and open systems on one hand, and nation-specific legal requirements on the other,” Modi said at summit attended by delegates from 120 countries.

“Internet is inclusive by nature, not exclusive,” Modi said. “Today’s discourse is set by Facebookers, Tweeple and Instagrammers. But the quest for open and accessible internet often leads to vulnerabilities. We need cyber warriors who will remain alert. Cyber protection should be made an attractive and viable job option.”

He added that nations must ensure that the digital space is not dominated by the “dark forces of terrorism and radicalisation”. Modi called for greater information-sharing and coordination between security agencies to counter threats online.

The prime minister also said that the cyberspace had “transformed the world” in the last few decades, and allowed India to compete with developed countries. “Digital technology is a great enabler,” Modi said. “It has led to efficient service delivery, governance, and improving access from education to health. The [Indian] government is committed to empowerment through digital access.”