An IndiGio plane flying from Delhi to Vishakhapatnam made an emergency landing on Wednesday after a crew member noticed fumes emanating from the cockpit, PTI reported.

Flight 6E719 took off from Delhi at 5.30 am with 170 passengers on board, but returned to the Indira Gandhi International Airport within 10 minutes after smoke was detected inside the cabin. Oxygen masks were automatically deployed after the cabin pressure dropped, PTI quoted an unidentified airport official as saying.

IndiGo said they carried out the precautionary landing after a “false alarm”. “Keeping the safety and security of passengers in mind, the captain-in-command informed the Air Traffic Control and carried out a precautionary landing in Delhi,” a spokesperson for the airline said.

After the plane landed, the aircraft was checked for oil leakages and electrical burn residue, but nothing was found, IndiGo said.

In another incident, a 65-year-old man died on board an IndiGo flight heading to Mumbai from Varanasi on Thursday after suffering a heart attack. The plane held off from taking off after the pilot was informed.