Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday criticised Prime Minister Narendra Modi as he campaigned in Gujarat ahead of the Assembly election. The Congress scion addressed public meetings in Amreli and Bhavnagar districts.

“He [Modi] is a terrific actor,” Gandhi was quoted as saying by ANI at the rally in Amreli. “You will see he will shed tears a few days before election. He will cry for everything but not for farmers.”

Gandhi said that if Congress is elected in Gujarat, it will waive farmers’ loans within 10 days of coming to power. “If the government will function, it will be for farmers, small and medium businesses and you,” Gandhi said. “We will ask what you want and will run the government accordingly.”

A government run by the Congress will not sell off the villages of Gujarat to industrialists like Modi did in the last two decades, he added. “Modi ji made the entire county stand in line during demonetisation,” Gandhi said. “Did you see any of his 10 ‘suit-boot wale friends’? Did you see Adaniji [industrialist Gautam Adani] in the line?”

Earlier in the day, Gandhi had rebutted Modi’s claim that the party was anti-Narmada water project, saying in the last 22 years just 20.8% of canals had been constructed in the state. Seventeen districts in the regions of Saurashtra and Kutch are facing sever water crisis, the Congress leader had claimed.

The Congress also rejected the prime minister’s accusation that the United Progressive Alliance government led by the Congress was “anti-Gujarat”. The party said it had established numerous schemes such as the Amul cooperative model and the mid-day meal scheme, infrastructure projects such as the Ukai dam, and the global diamond trade market.