A teacher allegedly sexually assaulted a four-year-old girl student of Kolkata’s GD Birla school inside a school toilet on Thursday, News18 reported.

The child’s mother noticed bloodstains on her clothes when she picked her daughter up from school. The child was crying and complained of pain in her genitals, NDTV reported. The girl’s parents then took her to a paediatrician, who told them that she had been sexually assaulted.

The physical education teacher who is accused of the crime was detained on Friday, according to NDTV, but other news agencies have not corroborated this.

On Friday, angry parents protested in front of the school building. They alleged that security at the school was lax, and demanded to know why a male physical education teacher had been hired for a girls’ school.

The parents also claimed that there were no operational security cameras at the school, though a bus driver the school had hired had sexually assaulted a student at a sports meet three years ago.

“This is for the second time that such an incident has happened at GD Birla School. In 2014, a girl student was sexually assaulted and the school authorities didn’t take any action,” the four-year-old’s father told News18 on Friday. “Me and my wife are in a state of shock. My daughter is also very traumatised. I will never send her to [the] school again.”