A man accused of being an Islamic State group militant tried to slit the throat of a warder in Alipore Central Correctional Home in Kolkata on Sunday, The Indian Express reported. The warder has been admitted to hospital and is said to be in a critical condition, West Bengal Prisons Minister Ujjal Biswas said.

The police have filed a First Information Report against Mohammad Mosiuddin alias Musa, and an investigation is under way. “We will not tolerate such insane activities inside the jail. Security has been enhanced and all necessary steps taken,” Biswas told The Indian Express.

Musa, first hit Govindo Chandra Dey with a stone at 6.30 am on Sunday when the latter opened the doors of the militant’s cell for a routine check, an unidentified senior officer of the jail told The Indian Express. “As the warder fell down, he took out a improvised knife and tried to slit the victim’s throat,” the officer added. “The knife was made inside the jail using a piece of iron. He also had fertilizer in his pocket that he intended to rub on the wound.”

Musa, who was arrested and jailed in 2016, chanted slogans before attacking He called it part of his “jihad”.

Prisons Minister Biswas told The Indian Express that jail officers immediately controlled Musa and rescued the warder. An unidentified officer said the jail officials have separated Musa from the other inmates.

Musa was arrested in July 2016 for allegedly planning an attack on the Missionaries of Charity in Kolkata. Officials of the National Investigation Agency had said that Musa, an activist of militant outfit Jammat-ul-Mujahideen Bangladesh, also intended to target United States, British and Russian tourists in Kolkata.