There will be no public holiday for Uttar Pradesh government officials on December 6, Wednesday, on account of the death anniversary of BR Ambedkar. A circular was issued to the Lucknow district collector’s office on Tuesday.

In the circular issued by the Lucknow district magistrate, the Adityanath-led state government said that December 6 was included in the list of public holidays of Lucknow district collector’s office erroneously. “This holiday has not been declared by the administration. All offices will be open as usual on this day,” reads the circular.

Ambedkar’s death anniversary was first declared a public holiday in Uttar Pradesh when the Bahujan Samaj Party government was in power. It was revoked in 2012, but the Samajwadi Party government under Akhilesh Yadav again declared it a holiday in 2015.

On April 26, Adityanath had scrapped 15 public holidays that commemorate the birth and death anniversaries of social figures. However, government employees will be able to avail these holidays using their restricted holiday quota. Some of those that have been cancelled are Jan Nayak Karpori Thakur’s birth anniversary (January 24), Maharshi Kashyap and Maharaj Guha’s birth anniversaries (April 5), Hazrat Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti Ajmeri Gareeb Nawaz’s death anniversary (April 14) and Chandrashekhar’s birth anniversary (April 17).

Earlier, Adityanath had announced that schools will no longer be closed on the birth and death anniversaries of social leaders. “To ensure that children take inspiration from great leaders, special programmes should be held on the occasion [instead],” he had said at an event organised to mark the 126th birth anniversary of BR Ambedkar.