Online retailer Amazon India’s gross sales volume rose 67% on year in the July-September quarter. The company said it grew much faster than rival Flipkart in the first half of 2017-’18, Mint reported on Monday.

This growth is lower than the over-85% growth Amazon India’s sales saw in the previous two quarters. By value, sales jumped 72% in July-September.

Amazon India also said its gross sales rose 66% during April-September. This is higher than the Flipkart’s sales growth in the same period, which was 43% according to a half-yearly report from investor Naspers. However, a Flipkart spokesperson claimed that the company’s sales rose “at least 80%” during the first half of the year, and Naspers’ figures included a time lag.

“Flipkart continues to outpace the industry, and our growth accelerated significantly during the July-September quarter on the back of a very strong festive season,” the spokesperson told Mint. “This report actually refers to the January-June period and, as all growth data, has a lag of three months, so the comparison isn’t like-for-like or relevant.”

Neither company has disclosed their exact gross sales figures. They are not required to report their quarterly earnings publicly as they are not listed on stock exchanges.