The Telangana Police arrested a woman on Sunday for murdering her husband and trying to pass off her lover as her spouse. The woman almost succeeded, but was foiled by a bowl of mutton soup.

After the murder, the woman, Swati, and her lover Rajesh decided to disfigure Rajesh’s face with acid so that he could impersonate her husband Sudhakar Reddy, IANS reported. But, the family became suspicious when Rajesh refused to eat mutton soup as he was a vegetarian, which Sudhakar was not.

Swati, a 27-year-old nurse, had been married to Sudhakar for three years, but she later had an affair with Rajesh, a physiotherapist. The two allegedly hatched the murder plan together.

Swati told police that the two killed Sudhakar on November 27, and burned his body in a forest. To pretend that Sudhakar was not missing, they disfigured Rajesh’s face with acid and brought him to the hospital for a plastic surgery. Swati told her husband’s family that some unknown people had attacked him.

After Rajesh refused to have mutton soup, the family began to notice other differences in his behaviour. They later called police, after which Swati confessed to the crime.

She said she got the idea from the 2014 Telugu film Yevadu, in which a plastic surgeon gives an injured man the face of her deceased son. Rajesh will be arrested after he is discharged from the hospital, police said.