Women in Saudi Arabia can drive trucks and motorcycles, not just cars, when the country lifts its ban on women driving in June 2018. There will be no restrictions on what vehicles women can use, the Saudi General Department of Traffic confirmed on Saturday, Al Arabiya reported.

The announcement comes three months after the kingdom made a historic decision to end a ban on women driving.

The law on driving will be “equal” for both men and women, the Saudi General Directorate of Traffic said, as it gave details of the new regulations on Friday, AFP reported. “Yes, we will authorise women to drive motorcycles as well as trucks,” the announcement said. There will be no special licence plate numbers for women-driven cars.

The decision to end the ban is part of several other reform measures by the kingdom under Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. Earlier this month, the kingdom said it will lift a ban on movie theatres early next year. Theatres have been illegal in the kingdom since the early 1980s. In October, the country said it will allow women into three sports stadiums from next year.