The people of Gujarat are unhappy and that indicates the mood of the nation, Shiv Sena MP Sanjay Raut told ANI on Monday, as numbers showed the Congress increasing its vote share in the state.

At 11 am, the BJP was leading in 99 seats, while the Congress had 71, the Election Commission said. But initial numbers showed the parties in a much closer contest.

Raut said while the BJP will end up forming the government in Gujarat, the mood of the people had become clear. The Sena is an ally of the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance in the Centre, as well as the Maharashtra state government. The party, however, has been criticising the BJP and its policy decisions for months now. In October, Raut had called the BJP the Shiv Sena’s “principal enemy” and said that his party was part of the Maharashtra government “just for the sake of it”.

As the numbers poured in, other political leaders also reacted. The Congress’ Gujarat in-charge, Ashok Gehlot, said he will not comment on initial trends, but added that “the mood of the people of Gujarat will lead Congress to victory.”

The BJP’s Nitin Patel, who was trailing but made gains later, said, “Ultimately, the BJP is going to register victory.”

Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh said the BJP was confident of forming the government in both Himachal Pradesh and Gujarat. BJP spokesperson RP Singh said that while winning in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh was important to the party, the BJP was “beyond electoral wins”. “We are running the government for the nation. Elections are important but as Modi ji puts it, we are working to take the nation ahead on the global stage,” Singh said, according to News18.