Tamil actor Rajinikanth on Tuesday said that he would announce a decision on entering politics on December 31 at the end of a six-day fan meet that began in Chennai on Tuesday.

The actor said that he is hesitant to join politics as he has already had experienced what it could be like. “I am not new to politics,” he said. “I know what are the losses one incurs in politics, that is why I am reluctant.”

Entering politics, Rajinikanth added, was equal to achieving a victory.

The actor said that if he entered politics, he would do so with the aim to win, The News Minute reported. “If you step into the battlefield, you have to win.”

The actor’s friend Tamilaruvi Manian, who runs the political organisation Gandhiya Makkal Iyakkam, had said on December 22 that Rajinikanth would soon announce his “plan of action” about joining politics.

There has been speculation about Rajinikanth’s imminent entry into politics ever since he hinted at the possibility in May. He said if he ever did so, he would take on those who make money out of it. “If god is willing, I will enter politics and keep away those who are money-minded and power-hungry,” he had said in his first direct address to fans in eight years.