The total collection of Goods and Services Tax fell for the second straight month in November, and were at Rs 80,808 crore till December 25, the Ministry of Finance said on Tuesday. Revenue of Rs 83,000 crore was collected for October under the new indirect tax structure.

The total Central GST collection in November was Rs 13,089 crore, while Rs 18,650 crore was collected as State GST revenue. Rs 41,270 crore was received as Integrated GST, the government said. Under the GST compensation cess, Rs 7,798 crore was collected.

Goods and Services Tax collections were over Rs 95,000 crore in July, over Rs 91,000 crore in August and Rs 92,150 crore in September.

November was the fifth month since the rollout of the new indirect tax regime, which came into effect on July 1. It is India’s biggest ever tax reform, which subsumes a range of central and state taxes.